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Fly Hooks

Heritage Fly Hooks


Heritage hooks, those used for tying in the age of Classic Salmon and Steelhead flies, were as many types, as hook companies to make them. The old "blind-eye" hooks were used for gut-eyed flies. Alexander Grant, a native of the Spey valley, began an illustrious fishing career in the silvery waters of the River Spey system. Grant tackle business launched in 1887, and the spey hook launched. The old pattern uses a limerick bend blind-eye hook and has a cat gut eye .(Today, blind eye are often fashioned with a dacron loop.)

daiichi_hooks_fly_hooks.jpg Hooks (Size, bend and style based on use. Ie. Dry, wet)

Hook Vendors:
Daiichi , Gamakatsu , Mustad , Redditch , Tiemco / TMC , Partridge , J. Stockard , Umpqua )
Eye Style: Turned Up Eye (TUE), Turned-Down Eye (TDE), Blind Eye, Ball eye
Bend:Model Perfect, Sproat, Limerick, Dublin
Material:Bronze,tinned, stainless, iron
Length: 1x long, 2x long, 3x long, 4x long
Sizes: 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1, 0, 1/0~6/0 (Steelhead and Salmon Flies sizes)


Implications of Hook Features and Material

Catch and Release

There are plenty of times a barbless hook is required by special regulations and should a hookup be deep, the trout may not survive an ordeal of digging out a barbed hook. This is why bronze hooks are a preferred type of metal as they degrade the fastest. It is more advisable to cut the line than kill a fish needlessly. While barbless hooks are readily available, so are micro barbed hooks. Micro barbed hooks are easier to crush down with needle-nose pliers. Providing rapid penetration without resistance from a barb or micro barb and easy un-hooking barbless hooks are much better for our sport and for fish. No lip damage from barbs and rapid release are insisted on by many of the top fisheries and this is becoming mandatory. As long as pressure is kept on the fish, you should not have problems with fish unhooking themselves by mistake and good anglers should see no difference, indeed it makes our sport much easier with a rapid release of fish.

I have been fishing with fine wire bronze barbless hooks over 25 years and I swear by them.


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