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Fly Tying Scissors

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten" - Benjamin Franklin

Like a fly tying vice, selecting a good pair of fly tying scissors is vital. Eventually, unless you find a pair you like, you will end up owning a large number of scissors. Most of them will be so-so, but until you choose the right one, you will not be happy. Eventually, some one steared me to the "Thompson Ice Tempered Micro-Serrated" scissors which turned outstanding.

The finger-holes are malleable so then can be re-sized to fit one's finger. These scissors are super sharp and cut exceptionally well down to and including their very pointy tips where the demanding delicate work required of small fly patterns cause lesser scissors to fail. The micro-serrations prevent material from "walking away" as the blades close yielding clean efficient cuts every time.

Although these scissors come in curved models, I prefer a medium size, straight blade for it versatility. The scissors action must be loose enough to ease operation but consistent closing for optimum cutting 100% of the time. Besides being well made and precise, a great pair of scissors is of a very durable material. Tungsten carbide, which is extremely hard usually signifies a very good quality scissors that will remain sharp without appreciable wear. Tungsten carbide is the most expensive material. A quality set will cost three to five time more than the Anvil ice tempered scissors. The differentiator is still the micro-serrations, which is a feature I have yet to find on the high end Tungsten carbide scissors that are under $125.

The company Anvil makes a comperable pair of scissors that has the words "Ice Stainless" on the non-serrated blade side. Apparently there are some knock-off look alikes being sold on Ebay (Ed's Fly Shop) and Amazon. When it come to scissors, Anvil is a bargain.

The scissor I recomend is The Anvil USA Scissor model:70-A. [[This link requires a newer browser like Opera,Safari, or Chrome] . The scissors features Needle Point Tips, 2" Stainless Steel Blades, Standard Blade Serration, Coated Handles 4" Ultimate Straight Accu-Tip

You may buy it directly from Anvil USA, SKU 70-A for $18.99 with free shipping.


Watch out for Knockoffs

Here are some clues. You will find more model types both on Ebay and Amazon, all of which are Knockoffs.


Unless you know the scissors your buying, or have a trusted friend recommend a pair, you may want to go down to your Fly shop for assistance. The Orvis Shop in Friendly center is (336) 547-7898, ask for Mike Callahan. They have a large variety of scissors including the Orvis brand of Surgical-quality scissors.


Please contact Steve Salkow for more details.