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Fly Tying Salt Water Flies

Lefty's Deceiver

The original modern saltwater streamer designed by Lefty Kreh, the leading guru of modern saltwater fly fishing. This pattern has taken so many different species of fish that it is impossible to list them all here. White is shown above

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How Fish Friendly are your hooks?

Many of your fish will be released. How many will break the line, leaving a stainless steel hook that will not dissolve?. Long ago, I stop using stainless. First reason, they where not sharp enough, and, secondly, they are not fish-friendly. I am a tier and tying a few more patterns is a small price to pay for being fish friendly.

The Fly Tying Whipfinisher is probably the most difficult tool for any new fly tyer to learn. The Whip Finisher Tool is used to finish off a fly and tie a knot at the head. This way the fly does not come unraveled when fly fishing with it. There are a few trick to using the whip finish tool, just follow the steps and practice on a bare hook first!

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