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Fly Tying Salmon Flies

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Early important Salmon fly patterns include Black Dose, Blue Charm, Jock Scott, Silver Doctor, Durham Ranger, Dusty Miller,Green High Lander, Mar Lodge,Silver Gray, Silver Wilkinson, Thunder and Lightning Beauly Snow Fly, Canary, Jock O'Dee, Lady Caroline, and the Silver Partridge.

Jock O'Dee is an example of the Dee wing type salmon fly. Lady Caroline is an example of a spey type salmon fly. The Silver Partridge is an example of the grub type salmon fly

lady_caroline_1800s_monte_smith.jpg black_dose_vintage_gut_eye_salmon_fly.jpg silver_gray_salmon_fly.jpg
Lady Caroline Early 19th Century - Monte Smith                   Black Dose                                               Silver Gray

Blue Charm

Blue Charm Tied Low Water Style by Jorg Schuft
Blue Charm Tied Low Water Style by Jorg Schuft

The Blue Charm is a standard Atlantic salmon fly, effective Atlantic throughout the summer months, when the river is running at its normal level or low levels. The original tying for the Blue Charm can be found in the book "Salmon fishing " by John James Hardy from 1907.

  • Tag: silver tinsel
  • Tail: topping
  • Body: black floss
  • Ribs: silver tinsel
  • Throat: blue cock hackle
  • Wing: big Mallard strips, Teal and a topping
  • Head: black

Golden Pheasant Crests Toppings

On many classic Salmon Flies, you want a topping and tail to meet. But with straighter crest feathers, the feathers don't meet as well as if the feathers have a natural curve. Maybe one, out of a 100 capes are both long enough and are curved this way.


Select a nice long crest feather. Nick it along the heavy end of the quill several places to allow the quill to be bent. Hold it up to the parially completed fly to see if your close to a fit.

Now wet the crest feather and place it on a small mirror. Hold the mirror behind the fly. Move the feather as required to a perfect bend. Now allow the feather to dry over a few days. Refit the shaped feather and tie it in. Splay the feather to pickout drop down-featherings.

See Fabrizio Gajardoni's flies on


Durham Ranger, Classic Atlantic Salmon

Hook: Heritage Pryce-Tannatt, #4/0

Tip: Fine oval silver tinsel

Tag: Yellow silk

Tail: Golden pheasant crest

Tail: VeilingIndian crow or substitute

Butt: Black ostrich

Ribs: Fine silver lace and narrow flat silver tinsel

Body: In four equal sections of Golden yellow floss; orange, fiery brown, and black seal's fur or substitute

Hackle: Badger dyed yellow

Throat: A light blue hackle

Wing: A pair of jungle cock feathers, back to back, covered for 3/4 of their length by a pair of golden pheasant tippets, back to back. These are covered by a shorter pair of tippets reaching to, and covering, the second black bar of the first pair. Jungle cock as a wing veiling

Cheek: Blue chatterer or substitute with kingfisher

Topping: Golden pheasant crest

Horns: Blue and yellow macaw

Durham Ranger

Pattern as per Francis Francis, Designed by Mr. Scruton of Durham and Dressed by Monte Smit

This fantastic version of the Durham Ranger is tied by Oregon Contributing Fly Tyer, Monte Smith. You can see more of Monte's flies at The Flies of Monte Smith.



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