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Sunfish ( Deerhair Variation) Pattern Recipe: Hook-TMC8089NP, Thread- Olive 3/0, Weedguard- 20 lb Mason Hard Nylon, Rib- Medium copper wire, Body Olive Antron dubbing, Wing Olive grizzle hackle tied upright, Gills- Red marabou, Collar Spun and trimmed to shape Deerhair olive upper and orange lower, Overwing- Olive marabou tied sparse over back, Head- Olive and orange Deerhair spun and trimmed to shape, Eyes- Molded 3-D.

Sunfish: Created by <A HREF=Jimmy Nix is this life-like Panfish
Sunfish: Created by Jimmy Nix is this life-like Panfish
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This pattern type is also referred to as Shrimp.

  • Hook: 12 Tiemco 2488H Nymph/Scud Hooks
  • Thread: Black, 6/0 or 8/0
  • Tail: none
  • Body: Grizzly hackle stripped, tie in thin-end at tail, wrapping forward. Reverse wrap thin silver foil
  • Wing: clear plastic, reverse wrap body fine gold wire.
  • Hackle: None

Please contact Laura Kennerly 336-707-7665 lkennerly for more details.  

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