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Help Promote Native Species through Catch and Release Fishing

National Park Service

The National Park Service strives to maintain park resources in a natural, unaltered condition. Native fish contribute to nutrient recycling and help maintain natural ecosystem processes when they live out their entire lifecycle, from spawning to death, in the aquatic system. Catch and release fishing improves native fish populations by allowing more fish to remain and reproduce in the ecosystem. This practice provides an opportunity for increasing numbers of anglers to enjoy fishing and to successfully catch fish. Releasing all native fish caught while in a national park will ensure that enjoyment of this recreation opportunity will last for generations to come.

What is a Native Fish?

Any species that has occurred within that water body or may occur as a result of natural processes and was not introduced by humans or circumstances that are a result of human activity.

What is a Non-native Fish?

Any species that did not historically occur within that water body and was introduced by humans or circumstances that resulted from human activity. Both native and non-native fish may reproduce naturally within a water body and have self-sustaining populations.

Put and Take Fishing is largely based on stocked fish. Most of these will not survice a winter. They lack fundamental survival skills. Additionally, these fish often compete, by shear numbers, with native fish. There is nothing wrong with taking these types of fish, after all, that is what their there for. Please keep all non-native fish allowed by the applicable state's fishing regulations while releasing native species. This will help restore fish abundance in favor of native species.

The Native trout are far too an important resource to only be caught once.

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