September Meeting & Newsletter


Nat Greene Fly Fishers Newsletter September, 2017

September 12th, Tuesday @ 7pm Leonard Recreation Center – Our previously scheduled speaker Joey Walraven had to reschedule to November.  Instead we will be showing one or more of the following DVD’s Bugs of the Underworld, Natural History of Aquatic Insects with Ralph and Lisa Cutter, Nymph Fishing Basics with Rick Hafele, Anatomy of a Trout Stream with Rick Hafele, or casting video’s.

October 6-7th, Smokey Mountain Hook, Hackle & Rod Builders Show, Bryson City

October 14th, Fly Fishing Skill Day – Jim Brady is offering a day long class, hands-on seminar learning the basics of fly fishing.  Jim Brady will teach the course and be ably assisted by experienced members of the club.  All participants must bring their own tackle.  They will learn how to sharpen a hook, tie several basic knots, the basics of fly casting as well as some special casts such as the roll cast and bow and arrow cast.  Several slack line casts will also be discussed.  Everyone should be able to make all casts at the end of the day.  How to dress for concealment, how to wade and how to approach the water will be discussed.

The goal of the seminar is for all participants to learn all of the material and be able to demonstrate each skill.  Everyone will receive individual attention throughout the day.  Everyone will be given handouts that summarize the seminar and include helpful references and websites.

The course is expected to last about six hours, beginning at 9:00 am.  Lunch will be provided.  The course fee is $10 per person.  Because this will be first time the course is offered, the number of students will be limited to the first fifteen who sign up.  Please contact Neal Mitchell at our September meeting to reserve your spot.

October 10th, Tuesday @ 7pm Leonard Recreation Center - Chris Barclay, owner of C. Barclay Fly Rod Co. is going to talk about fly rod design, development, and building.  Chris is a designer and maker of fine small batch fiberglass fly rods.  He builds rods on a custom basis upon client request on a wide variety of blanks and materials. He also has his own line of fiberglass rod blanks that he designed. 

November 4-5th, Fly Tyer’s Weekend, Townsend, TN