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Banquet Help Information, 2017

The banquet is fast approaching and I want to remind everyone who have collected donated items to let me know as soon as possible what you have. I am trying to determine if there is anything we need to try to get. You can bring your items to the meeting on Tuesday the 14th or drop them by my office at 600-D North Regional Rd., Greensboro. It is easier if we get them before the 25th .

Also, a lot of people have asked to help. These are the areas we need help, and the person to contact.

Seminar Set-up Saturday morning - Laura Kennerly 336-707-7665 or

I will be there by 8am and the following needs to be done
  • Coffee brewing to be ready at 8:45
  • Danish, coffee table set-up
  • Screen, projector set-up
  • Neal Mitchell may need help at the sign-in table
  • donated items logged in if people bring them Saturday morning
  • during the seminar the Danish table will change to the lunch set-up

Lunch Pick-up - Molly Brady will bring in the lunches.

Prize & Silent Auction Set-up at 1pm - Laura Kennerly 336-707-7665,
  • this is the most labor intensive and the more help the better. We will spread out the items and match the labeled buckets or auction sheets.
Banquet Set-up - Molly Brady & Ben Keller
Ben & Molly will be there around 5:30-5:45.
  • make sure bartender understands our "three tickets" for beer or wine
  • make labels and place any last minute donations
  • might need to help Neal Mitchell at the sign-in table
  • one or two runners to bring raffle items up to be drawn (ticket sellers may do this)
  • someone to help Jim with the ticket "shaking and drawing"
Clean-up - No contact, just everyone grab trash and put in the cans. We are supposed to have the trash in the dumpster and be out by 10:30pm

Please contact Laura Kennerly 336-707-7665 lkennerly for more details.