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Next Nat Greene Meeting!!

March 13th, Tuesday @ 7pm Leonard Recreation Center - Our March meeting on the 12th is going to be in two parts.

Part 1: A fly tying night where several of our members will be demonstrating tying some of their favorite flies and demonstrating some techniques that should be of interest. We will have a couple of extra vises available as well as a small supply of materials. If you would like to add to the fun, bring your own stuff.

Part 2: We are designating this meeting as our "Annual Meeting" for purposes of requesting nominations from the floor for the replacement of Adam Irving as Chapter President and Neal Mitchell as Chapter Treasurer/ Secretary. Each of the foregoing officers have reached their term limits per chapter bylaws and the Board of Directors is responsible for selecting replacements.

Ideally we would like people to step up and volunteer to take one of these leadership positions. Please give that some serious thought and join us for this important meeting.

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March 8th, Fly Tying Social - Great Outdoor Provision Co.

This was a fun evening and was successfully attending by a modest number of interested fly fishers. See our gallery of event photos taken by Caroline Bonds (GOPC).

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