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About this release

About this release

Version 1.x users had some suggestions

  1. When I click on "Again", I must do the same procedure for everything. But I want to use
    the same settings
  2. I wish to open another folder than Gallery's folder
  3. I have hundreds of images and I do not want to make a single thumbnail page contains
    so many images
  4. Column count * Row count must be more than total image count - I do not want to count it myself
  5. I want make a short description for each images

So you have got some

-- 1)

You have option dialog to make global settings and reuse your settings

-- 2)

Like section 1. With Options Dialog, you can make your start up folder

-- 3)

You can set max image count for each page - Gallery make automatically multiple pages

-- 4)

This is a very sensitive part.
I am not sure if you input number or alphabet. Even if you leave a field blank. I cannot count what you are doing. So you did not get auto-calculation for Table columns and Table rows, but it does anyway even if you cannot see, if you are counting wrong, input "Blank", or do something wrong, Gallery will insert default value there.

I am still thinking these things here and there and perhaps I must use XML to leave some or many setting for advanced users, and they can change some important parts of Gallery from outside the program.

-- 5)

You cannot do it at this time.
I must assign one description for one image, so I have to make a description list and image list to assign value for each other. And if you move one or delete one, it does not match anymore. As long as you are using only Gallery, it cannot be a problem, but I am sure you are using another program, could be Windows' Explorer to move one there and copy there and so on... I can maybe make with database, but it makes Gallery a very heavy file.
If you are one of Dreamweaver users, you know how it does. It prompt you each image description (if you want to make it) when you make thumbnail gallery in process. It is OK if you have a few images, but think if you have hundreds.. It is very painful to do so.
I am thinking...

For advanced users

Section 4: I have set Gallery limit image count to 40. So if you want to make 5 table columns and input limit image count to 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and so on... Gallery correctly works, but if you input limit image count for example 37, I correct your inputted count to 40.
Similar things for the other column count for example 4. Gallery works as you say if you have limit max image count to 4, 8, 12, 16 .. 40, 44 and so on, but if you put 45 then, Gallery correct your input to 40. If you use 3 columns and if you limit max image to 41, Gallery make 39 thumbnail images for each page.

As long as you input right value, you are able to use it, but if you do not, Gallery make 40 or nearest 40 with column count.

I leave you advanced users a template file inside Tmp - folder which you can locate inside Gallery's folder. You will find a html file.
If you have ideas for creation to page, I will very much like to hear from you. However Gallery does not use it right now, so you cannot change it to change Gallery's result but you can modify it as much as you want.
If you (advanced users) send me a lot of templates, next time when I release Gallery, it can have templates and other users can choose one of them when they want to make thumbnail gallery.



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Author: Mike Lischke
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Even he spent his time to write so much code to tell me how to use His LsFileExplorer28 components for Delphi.
Author: Leo D. Shih


Author: Alex Denissov




Author: Jan Verhoeven

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JPEG Group

This software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group.

PNG Development Group

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Copyright (c) 1998, 1999 Glenn Randers-Pehrson


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