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What is Gallery?

This is a program to take a set of JPEG images, create thumbnail images, create a HTML (make XHTML compliant HTML file) page with a table containing the thumbnails, each linked to its full-sized image, apply common effect, crop image, apply common filters, such as Emboss. To create wallpaper on the desktop.


What's new in this version?
Fixed Bugs
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Known Problems


User interface like Windows' ® Explorer, you can browse your machine to search your JPEG images and preview them and modify them (if you like).

You are able to:


What's new in this version?

Because there are so many things that have been changed, you can read (below) some of them.
If you already are one of Gallery users, I hope you are happy with these changes I made.

Main Window

  1. Looks (GUI) has been changed.
    With version 1.x user had a sort of Wizard, but now user can enhance and modify images
  2. Validate image function is added.
    Since this version, user can check their images before using them. This was one of the
    biggest problems with version 1.x - Unrecognized JPEG - will not appear any longer.
    All wrong format will be listed.
  3. If user launch "Create Thumbnail", image validation will start it self.
  4. If user will preview a wrong formatted JPEG (it may be a BMP or something), Gallery will
    warn user which format user want to see.
    Example - This image is BMP // user can convert it to JPEG with Graphic converter.
  5. User can "Enhance" color - Because of this, user does not have to buy expensive
    User can manipulate ( or enhance) - HSV, HSL, RGB, Equalize and FFT
  6. Many filters are added
  7. Many effects are also added - it does not support PhotoShop Plug in, so do not ask me!
  8. User can select the image and crop where he wants - Position comes up when he selects
    an area.
  9. Enable to Zoom In, Zoom Out.
  10. Enable to adjust resizing filters - default is NONE.
  11. Enable to "Acquire" image from a scanner.
  12. Enable to choose a start up folder - a start up folder will always open when user starts
  13. Enable to choose favorite folders - user can change her favorite folder, just click on it.
  14. Enable to print with "Preview" dialog.
    User is able to manage margin and paper and such stuff.
  15. Enable to resize JPEG image with Resizing filters



Browse indexed JPEG files and show thumb nailed images.
Browser allows user to print and / or save it.


Graphic Converter

When you launch Graphic Converter, its directory is assigned to Main Window's directory. But user can naturally change it - really she can change it and choose how many folders as she wants.

  1. Choose one or all listed images to convert them to JPEG - no pain.
  2. User can also choose different folders' items and convert them all.


Options (Thumbnail Settings, Web page Settings)

General option:

  1. Choose a start up folder.
  2. Clear favorite folders (if you already made one or more).
  3. Choose launch web browser after creation of web page.

Thumbnail Settings has not changed.

Web page Settings:

Allow user to

  1. Create open images in New Window (target="_blank") HTML page
  2. Create HTML page for each image (adds Prev and Next)
  3. Create multiple indexed thumbnail pages (adds Home, Index, Prev and Next)
  4. Insert Copyright information, Description for thumbnail page, Meta Tags (Keywords and
    Description) - simple editors with Live spell checker!


Progress Window

This window is not visible until user choose to make thumbnails (or thumbnail gallery).
Each image does not come up, instead user will see its progress which image Gallery now is reading and saving ... Because this way is faster than Gallery 1.x.


Fixed Bugs

This is a new release and no bugs are reported for this version.

  1. Unrecognized JPEG or Invalid floating - will not appear any longer. This is positive, isn't it!
    Gallery checks images before loading it, and warn you if it is a wrong formatted JPEG.
  2. I have got message "Access Denied" when I wanted to see an image - You are using
    "Read Only" files, for example CD-Rom. Now you can use them


Known Problems


Gallery Help - Copyright © 2001 - 2003 MINO STUDIO