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Main Window

Image Enhancements, Effects and Filters are very basic but convenient to have. Usage for them are very simple - You must have an image open.
Choose from the menu -> Image and choose what ever you want to do.
Choose from the menu -> Effects or Filters or Enhance color - do as you want.

Please do not forget to save file, if you have modified it!

Folder Browser

Folder Browser allow you to browse your computer (and network if you have).
Just like Windows' Explorer, choose a folder to open it.

File List

If the directory contains JPG (jpg, jpeg only), then items appear here.
If you Double click ( or press Enter Key ) on one of the file list items, you will see it on preview pane (read below).


When you double click on the file list item, an image will appear here.
Once you have opened a JPEG image, you are able to manipulate it - you are able to apply common filters such as Emboss, save change, save an image as a new file and use the image as your desktop wallpaper.


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